can addiction treatment in philadelphia help me with my mental illness

Addiction Treatment in Philadelphia | Can Mental Illness Lead to Addiction?

Separating mental illness and addiction is not always easy. The truth is that if a mental illness and an addiction are present at the same time, it doesn’t mean one caused the other. Treating mental illness during addiction treatment in Philadelphia can actually benefit recovery and overall wellness. Mental Illness Can Lead to Addiction This […]

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how can a rehab center in philadelphia help me

Rehab Center in Philadelphia | How Is Pain Managed in Rehab?

It’s all too often that pain management is what leads to an addiction. However, the pain during rehab can be all too real for many. Detox isn’t an easy process, yet it’s not exactly conducive to jump to medication as a treatment. So, how does a rehab center in Philadelphia manage pain? Counseling Pain that […]

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how can alcohol rehab in wellington help me

Alcohol Rehab in Wellington | How to Manage Stress in Recovery

Everyone experiences stress. It is completely normal. However, alcohol rehab in Wellington is a completely foreign environment for many, bringing stress out from the woodwork and holding a lot of potential for harm. So, how can you manage stress during recovery? Keep reading to learn more: What are the Signs of Stress? In addition to […]

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