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is there group therapy during drug treatment in royal palm beach

Drug Treatment in Royal Palm Beach | How Can I Open Up in Group Therapy?

Sharing your honest feelings and struggles with someone face-to-face can be hard. Doing so in a group setting? Even harder. But, group therapy has so many benefits in the short and long term that finding a way to open up during drug treatment in Royal Palm Beach can really help the rehabilitation process. So, what […]

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should i take vitamins during addiction treatment in philadelphia

Addiction Treatment in Philadelphia | Can I Take Vitamins in Rehab?

If addiction treatment in Philadelphia is on your mind, then you’re probably already aware of the affects substances have on your body. While alcohol attacks your liver and certain drugs change your brain, getting on a healthy regime can help minimize any damage done. But, if you’re in rehab, can you take vitamins? It may seem […]

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what is drug rehab in royal palm beach like

Drug Rehab in Royal Palm Beach | A Guide to Your First 24 Hours

Choosing to go to rehab – especially when you’re living in a treatment facility – can be a little overwhelming. It’s not something everyone has done, so there aren’t a lot of personal stories about what to expect. But, choosing to go to a drug rehab in Royal Palm Beach should be welcoming and not intimidating. […]

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substance abuse

5 Signs of Codependency You Can’t Ignore

Codependency is an issue many people develop when they are in a relationship with a substance abuser that is often harmful both to the codependent individual and the substance-abusing individual. These relationships often lead to more substance abuse and troubling interactions. Here are five signs that you may be struggling with codependency. 1. You Feel […]

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