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how can i stay resilient during alcohol rehab in philadelphia

Alcohol Rehab in Philadelphia | Dealing with Peer Pressure as an Adult

Transitioning through the phases of alcohol rehab in Philadelphia may mean coming in contact with people who don’t understand. They may be new or old friends, or even family, that pressure you into decisions that you’ll later regret. So, even as an adult, use these mementos to stay strong when enduring peer pressure. Stick to […]

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Where can I find an alcohol rehab in royal palm beach?

Alcohol Rehab in Royal Palm Beach | What is NLP?

NLP, or Neurolinguistic Programming, targets how people communicate externally and internally, process, store, and recall information, and alter their communication to achieve the results and goals they want. In this case, it’s overcoming an addiction. There are three key strategies to NLP: build rapport, core transformations, and psychological attachments. Let’s take a look at those […]

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