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if i'm pregnant can i go to alcohol rehab in wellington

Alcohol Rehab in Wellington | How Does Drinking Affect Pregnancy?

When you become pregnant, you need to care for you and your baby. This more often than not making changes to your habits – especially if drinking is something you do regularly. Your growing baby cannot handle the dangers that alcohol poses, and your wellbeing impacts them as well. Here is what you should know […]

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can alcohol rehab in philadelphia help my high-funcitoning alcoholism

Alcohol Rehab in Philadelphia | Am I a High-Functioning Alcoholic?

Society associates an array of stereotypes with alcoholism. Alcoholics are often thought to be lazy and unable to live a productive life. High-functioning alcoholics do exist though. And, their condition is dangerous because others may not realize they are struggling. Also, because they’re able to live their daily lives with seemingly no serious problems, functioning alcoholics are […]

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how can i stay positive in addiction treatment in pa

Addiction Treatment in PA | 4 Ways to Stay Positive During Rehab

Your strength can weaken your addiction. Not only will your body get stronger over time, but your mind will too. And while traversing the world of recovery may be scary, rebuilding a healthy mindset and your support system can make the journey a little easier. So, here is how to encourage a resilient mentality while […]

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