is there group therapy during drug treatment in royal palm beach

How Can I Open Up in Group Therapy?

Sharing your honest feelings and struggles with someone face-to-face can be hard. Doing so in a group setting? Even harder. But, group therapy has so many benefits in the short and long term that finding a way to open up during drug treatment in Royal Palm Beach can really help the rehabilitation process. So, what can you do to let your guard down?

Jot it Down

Sometimes writing out your thoughts is easier than just talking. Organize your thoughts before going to group therapy. This will help you with any nerves that may come up, especially because you get to have time becoming familiar with your feelings ahead of time.

Ask Your Therapist to Read A Posting

Maybe it’s more so the public speaking that’s got you worried. Speak to your therapist or counselor alone and have them read a posting, or piece of writing, during group. The counselor can then lead the discussion and you can chime in. Over time, you should get more comfortable putting your thoughts out there.

how can i open up during drug treatment in royal palm beach

Reset Your Expectations

Group therapy is different for everyone. Don’t go in thinking you need to speak up a certain amount. Just go in with an open mind and be honest with yourself and others. There’s no need to impress anyone here.

Be Patient

Be patient with yourself and others. You may not realize you’re a little out of your comfort zone until you sit down. You also may have different views than others. Always be respectful and note that everyone has different needs.

Know You’re Not Alone

The point of group therapy is to communicate with people having similar issues. This is an open place where you can establish relationships with people who understand where you’re coming from.

Are You in Need of Drug Treatment in Royal Palm Beach?

Drug treatment in Royal Palm Beach is an adjustment for those who need it. But, it is all for the better. If you’re looking for help, contact us today to learn about our services.


Please Note: Ally Recovery Group is an addiction treatment center located in West Palm Beach, Florida. While we pride ourselves on our ability to help people across the nation find sobriety, we have a particular affinity for the people of Pennsylvania. Our ties with family, friends, and other reputable treatment facilities, as well as the serious need for additional addiction resources in the area, has inspired us to help this hurting region.

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