will alcohol rehab in royal palm beach help with soda addiction

Should I Stop Drinking Soda?

Going to alcohol rehab in Royal Palm Beach requires you to give up the biggest vice in your life. And while it may seem daunting, it can also be a huge motivator to change the way you live the rest of your life.

Upon entering rehab, many people feel the urge to give up more than just alcohol. Some want to give up smoking, drinking soda, sugar and so many other things as well. But, is that too much of a good thing at once?

will alcohol rehab in royal palm beach help me stop smoking

How Many Vices Should I Quit at Once?

Quitting cold turkey is no easy feat. Yes, it’s commendable, but you also need to be realistic about the results. Choosing to go to rehab then attempting to clear your body and life of other negative vices is great. But, doing so all at once can take the determination away from your primary focus.

When addicted to any sort of stimulant, you are at one extreme of the spectrum. You are providing your body with too much stimulant. On the flip side, if you choose to take away all positive stimulants at once, you deplete yourself. It’s important to find balance and take it step-by-step rather than all at once.

Will Rehab Help Me Quit Other Things Too?

When you enter rehab, you have a single goal in mind: sobriety. And, you have a team there to give you resources to reach that goal. However, rehab is not exactly the place to get your to stop drinking soda or other things. What rehab will do is show you methods on how to stop being reliant on a substance. It will teach you how to self-help. So, while quitting smoking or eating sugar may not be the main goal of rehab, you will gather some useful information for your future endeavors!

Are You In Need of Alcohol Rehab in Royal Palm Beach?

The signs of alcoholism aren’t always clear to those most affected. However, if you’re looking for help, our alcohol rehab in Royal Palm Beach can help guide you or your loved one to sobriety. Contact us today for more information!



Please Note: Ally Recovery Group is an addiction treatment center located in West Palm Beach, Florida. While we pride ourselves on our ability to help people across the nation find sobriety, we have a particular affinity for the people of Pennsylvania. Our ties with family, friends, and other reputable treatment facilities, as well as the serious need for additional addiction resources in the area, has inspired us to help this hurting region.

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