what do i need in alcohol rehab in philadelphia

Alcohol Rehab in Philadelphia | What Do I Pack for Inpatient Treatment?

If you are about to enter an inpatient treatment for alcohol rehab in Philadelphia, you may be unsure of what to bring and what to leave at home. But, it is an unfamiliar area and an environment with which you are not 100 percent sure of what to expect. Depending on the duration of your stay, […]

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what stigmas are associated with drug rehab in philadephia

Drug Rehab in Philadelphia | 5 False Stigmas About Drug Addiction

Stigmas are harmful. They tell addicts that they are lesser than others because of one behavior. It is important to note that no matter how destructive drug abuse can be mentally, physically, and socially, addicts are deserving of respect. So, understanding and overcoming the stigmas associated with drug abuse and drug rehab in Philadelphia is […]

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is there group therapy during drug treatment in royal palm beach

Drug Treatment in Royal Palm Beach | How Can I Open Up in Group Therapy?

Sharing your honest feelings and struggles with someone face-to-face can be hard. Doing so in a group setting? Even harder. But, group therapy has so many benefits in the short and long term that finding a way to open up during drug treatment in Royal Palm Beach can really help the rehabilitation process. So, what […]

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